New Issue of Focus Denmark Out Now  


The new issue of Focus Denmark zooms in on the DNA scientist Eske Willerslev, 16 new hospital projects and the challenge for future farmers.

The winter/spring 2016 issue of Focus Denmark, published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is out now.

Highlights of the new issue include:

Food and agriculture. Special report on the challenge for future farmers: How to feed 9 billion people.
Tomorrow’s healthcare. The Danish hospital system is undergoing unprecedented expansion and restructuring.
A frontiersman. DNA scientist Eske Willerslev pushes the boundaries of our understanding of the human past.
Oh Land. A spinal fracture put an end to a promising ballet career, but Nanna Øland reinvented herself as a vocalist.

The winter/spring issue is free and available in a variety of formats:

– Tablet/iPad edition: App Store or Google Play
– Desktop edition: iPaper
– Smartphone edition: Online

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