Foreign Direct Investment into Denmark Grew in 2014  


Incoming FDI showed growth in 2014 with an increase of 10 billion Danish Kroner over 2013.

Danish coin

With a 10 billion Danish Kroner (DKK) increase compared with 2013, foreign investments rose in 2014 according to the Danish Central Bank. 10 billion DKK corresponds to roughly 1.34 billion Euros. For their part, Danish companies made foreign direct investments worth 36 billion DKK (€ 4.84 billion), roughly the same as in 2013.

The activity in the outgoing direct investments was marked by equity investments of 32 billion DKK, while intercompany loans to foreign subsidiaries only amounted to 4 billion DKK. The opposite is true when looking at incoming direct investments, where foreign owners made intercompany loans to Danish subsidiaries for 11 billion DKK, while equity investments were down by one billion DKK.

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