From Innovative Pilot Project to Successful Establishment in Denmark  


Based on a successful pilot project with Danish partners, the innovative Dutch company, Technolution B.V., won a DKK 47m ITS contract with the City of Copenhagen. Technolution is now establishing a Nordic office in Denmark and plans to build an advanced R&D centre in the near future with focus on smart city solutions.

In October 2015, the City of Copenhagen announced Technolution the Winner of the city’s DKK 47m contract for implementing intelligent traffic systems (ITS). The tender is part of the capital’s widely scoped ITS action plan and is based on experiences gained from pilot projects as well as public-private innovative partnerships (PPIs) carried out in 2013-2014. Technolution took part in one of the pilots concerning ‘green waves for cyclists’ together with local Danish partners. After the pilot project, Technolution was lead in the tender and in order to bring local knowledge into the project they joined forces with several Danish partners: Hermes Traffic Intelligence, Jesper K Thomsen, COWI, V!Gør, InfraTeam and ITS Teknik.

- “Taking part in the pilot projects together with local Danish companies and academia was a decisive step in our entry into Denmark. Through these innovative partnerships we got valuable knowledge about the Danish ecosystem and a good understanding of the city’s needs. This has enabled us to find potential local partners and to customise our solution to match the specific needs of Copenhagen and its citizens, e.g. solving the issue with bicycle congestions,” says Marcel Dukker, Business Development Director, Technolution B.V.

Technolution will be using its traffic management platform, MobiMaestro, as the basis for its solution to help creating a Smart City for Copenhagen. In cooperation with the Danish partners, the solution will be customized to make a tangible difference for the citizens of Copenhagen, including shorter travel times for both cars and especially cyclists. The platform will be installed in Copenhagen’s new traffic control centre.

Demand for innovative solutions in an ideal setting for public-private partnerships

Marcel Dukker, Business Development Director, Technolution B.V. sees great potential in the company’s commitment in Denmark: 

- “For an innovative company like Technolution, Denmark is an attractive country for business development, because it is a frontrunner in demanding advanced solutions and hereby a good testbed for developing future solutions serving a global market. This is why we plan to expand our business in Denmark by opening an office in Denmark and a future advanced development centre within the coming 2-5 years”.

Invest in Denmark has assisted Technolution in the establishment process, and other innovative companies like Technolution could be on their way:

- “We are happy to welcome Technolution here in Denmark and I hope to see great results from the upcoming R&D centre. Technolution will benefit from a strong Danish tradition for public-private partnerships and cooperate with Danish research institutions and municipalities. Danish cities increasingly demand advanced smart city solutions and I expect that more foreign companies like Technolution will seize the opportunity to co-innovate and use Denmark as a test-bed for smart solutions”, says Dorte Bech Vizard, Director, Invest in Denmark.

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