New Danish Research to Predict Cancer  


New blood test developed by scientists at University of Copenhagen can predict future breast cancer. This is a potential paradigm shift within diagnosis.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. By analysing a blood sample scientists at University of Copenhagen have succeeded in predicting if a woman will get breast cancer within 2-5 years. Their method is still in the early stages but over time the scientists expect it could be used to predict breast cancer and more generally to predict chronic disease.

An innovative method

The method could create a paradigm shift in early diagnosis of breast cancer as well as other diseases:

“The method is better than mammography, which can only be used when the disease has already occurred. It is not perfect, but it is truly amazing that we can predict breast cancer years into the future,” says Rasmus Bro, a professor of chemometrics in the Department of Food Science at University of Copenhagen.

“The potential is that we can detect a disease like breast cancer much earlier than today. This is important as it is easier to treat if you discover it early. In the long term, it will probably also be possible to use similar models to predict other diseases,” says Lars Ove Dragsted, a professor of biomedicine in the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports.

Source: University of Copenhagen

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