New Report: Why Denmark?  

Why do foreign investors choose to locate in Denmark?
To find the answer, Invest in Denmark interviewed 155 companies in 34 different countries.

The analysis uncovered that investors assisted by Invest in Denmark are attracted by access to strong professional, technical and commercial competencies in Denmark. Over 80% of foreign investors stated that access to highly-skilled labor had a positive influence on their investment decision. And one in three investments in Denmark involve setting up either R&D departments, centers of excellence or research partnerships with universities – in particular within the Life Sciences and Cleantech sectors.

Investors also appreciate the high quality of infrastructure, the transparency and efficiency of business regulation, as well as the access that Denmark provides to Northern European markets. However, the report notes that Denmark must continue to develop local and foreign talent, while keeping cost levels competitive, if the country is to continue to be an attractive destination for investors.

More information is available in Invest in Denmark’s report: Why Denmark? An analysis of foreign investments in Denmark 2012-2014.

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