New Special Report on Food & Agriculture  


The world’s population is growing and in 2050 it will exceed 9 billion. Can we produce enough food in the future – without destroying the Earth’s environment and climate? Focus Denmark has released a special report on food and agriculture.

  Special Report on Fpopd & Agriculture

Focus Denmark, published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has released a 24-page special report on food and agriculture.

The free special report is available here:
– Tablet/iPad edition: App Store or Google Play
– Desktop edition: iPaper

Highlights include:
The challenge for farmers. In 2050, 69% more food calories will be required to meet the average daily calorie needs of the world’s population.
Five food gadgets. Technologies and products to help solve the global food challenges.
Visionary vegetable farmer. 30-year-old Ask Rasmussen runs an organic farm where Copenhagen’s leading chefs source much of their produce.

Focus Denmark is published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and features articles about Denmark, with the main emphasis on business and investment.

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