New White Paper: From Sustainable Biomass to Competitive Bioenergy  


World leading R&D competences, public funding, innovative partnerships and a first mover for bioenergy solutions are just some of the reasons, why Denmark is a unique testing ground for modern energy technologies. A new white paper published by State of Green provides insights into the bioenergy industry and its development in Denmark.

White paper: From Sustainable Biomass to Competitive Bioenergy

One of the world’s most efficient bioenergy clusters

The white paper “From Sustainable Biomass to Competitive Bioenergy”, published by the public-private partnership State of Green, shares some of Denmark’s solutions and experiences in transforming sustainable biomass resources into competitive bioenergy solutions and includes a selection of knowledge-cases, technological examples and best practice takeaways.

-“Bioenergy is a cornerstone in the Danish renewable energy mix. Today, approximately 70% of renewable energy consumption in Denmark is bioenergy-based, mostly in the form of straw, wood and renewable waste,” says Lars Chr. Lilleholt, Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate in Denmark.

Denmark has utilised biomass to produce bioenergy for decades. In fact, the consumption of biomass for energy production in Denmark more than quadrupled between 1980 and 2009, and towards 2020, bioenergy will continue to make up the majority of the total renewable energy consumption in Denmark. 

From a global perspective, Denmark has one of the most efficient bioenergy clusters in the world, possibly due to well-developed technologies for bioenergy production, biomass handling and exploitation.

Denmark offers the ideal testing ground

Due to Denmark’s extensive use of bioenergy, there is an abundance of expertise available in this field. In addition to hosting several top-efficient, full-scale biomass plants, Denmark is a testing ground for modern energy technologies based on biofuels and biogas, and companies and universities cooperate closely to offer world-class bioenergy solutions globally.

This makes Denmark the ideal place for bioenergy activities. Particularly production and test facilities, demonstration plants and R&D centres have excellent conditions here.

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