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Comprehensive biobanks, public private partnerships and solid investments in R&D are just some of the reasons why Denmark is a unique place for research. A new brochure published by the Danish affiliate of Abbvie gives an overview of the opportunities that Denmark provides for pre-clinical research.

Abbvie brochure

- “Abbvie is one of the global biopharmaceutical companies that develops and grows its business in Denmark. In this new brochure, Abbvie presents the excellent conditions that Denmark provides for pre-clinical research in the hope of stimulating international cooperation among researchers. Invest in Denmark warmly welcomes the initiative and is glad to assist foreign companies that get inspired by the opportunities presented,” says Tine Hartman Nielsen, Team Leader for Life Sciences at Invest in Denmark.

Denmark’s leading pharmaceutical industry

Denmark is a small, knowledge-based economy with one of the strongest pharmaceutical and biotech industries in Europe. Today, the pharmaceutical industry has an export of more than $10 billion (DKK 74B) of which DKK 18.6B goes to the USA.

Denmark is home to world-leading companies, such as Novo Nordisk, Lundbeck, Leo Pharma and ALK, and research teams of the highest international class at the Danish universities. Danish pharmaceutical companies rank among the absolute world elite in therapeutic areas, such as diabetes, depression, skin disorders, and allergies. The ten largest Danish pharmaceutical companies employ more than 76,000 people worldwide.

Excellent framework for R&D

This strong international position is aided by a wide range of political initiatives by which the public authorities have established and supported an excellent framework for research and development in Denmark. In addition, the long Danish tradition for cooperation between the public and private sectors has helped to create a flourishing and innovative pharmaceutical industry.

Clinical research in Denmark has already led to significant results. However, this could not have been achieved without the pre-clinical, innovative, and ground-breaking basic research that provides fundamental knowledge for the future development of treatments and medication for the benefit of patients.

Download the brochure.

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