Wind Energy Now Covers 39 Percent of Denmark's Electricity Consumption  


In 2014 electricity from Danish windmills covered more than 39 percent of Denmark’s consumption. This is another Danish world record that shows the increasing importance of the wind sector.

Wind Energy

With the objective of being the first fossil fuel free country in 2050, Denmark has a goal of 50 percent renewables in Danish electricity in 2020. New numbers from the wind sector give a good indication that this goal will be reached, with more than 39 percent of electricity consumption being covered by wind energy in 2014.

Increased efficiency behind record year

In the last ten years, Denmark has more than doubled the amount of electricity consumption covered by wind. Though the share of electricity generated by wind has been on the rise for five consecutive years, the jump from 32.7 percent in 2013 to 39.1 percent in 2014 is the largest yet.

The 2014 spike speaks both to the fact that the total capacity of windmills has grown, as well as to increased efficiency in the sector. As an example, the offshore wind farm by the Danish island Anholt now produces the equivalent of 400.000 Danish households’ yearly consumption of electricity.

Record despite average wind

The new numbers are more impressive given the fact that 2014 was an average year in terms of how much the wind blew over Denmark. January set a record for the month with the best wind, with 61.7 percent of Denmark’s total electricity consumption coming from wind, whereas the summer period saw very little wind.

Denmark continues to build new wind capacity and two new off-shore wind farms will be tendered in the coming years. Interested foreign investors can get more details at EWEA off-shore in Copenhagen from 10-12 March or by contacting Peder Bo Sørensen at

Read more about the record levels of wind utilization (in Danish).

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