Copenhagen Initiates New Collaboration to Promote Research on Healthcare  


The Capital Region of Denmark and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen are commencing strengthened collaborations, which will pave the way for a new kind of healthcare innovation in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Health Science Partners (CHSP) is a new collaborative initiative between the University of Copenhagen and the Capital Region of Denmark.

The collaboration will provide the framework for world-class healthcare research while also ensuring that regional patients gain access to the latest treatments and care available. Simultaneously, CHSP will generate new ventures in terms of patient-related healthcare research, which in turn will secure increased business collaborations. Furthermore, CHSP will contribute to the upgrade of all healthcare educations.

“In the Capital Region of Denmark we aim to ensure that future patients have access to a healthcare system of the highest quality. Collaborating with the University of Copenhagen on the establishment of CHSP marks a new development where the latest research will benefit patients quicker. Research results must be implemented faster and more efficiently in the everyday clinical proceedings at our hospitals – just as we have to strengthen our efforts to utilize research results commercially in collaboration with universities and businesses both within and outside the region,” says Regional Director Hjalte Aaberg from the Capital Region of Denmark.

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A unique model for interdisciplinary research

Collaborations on the establishment of CHSP is inspired by King’s College in the United Kingdom, where they have managed to bring basic research at the universities and patient-based research at the hospitals closer together.

The collaboration model is founded on, among other things, a mix of powerful interdisciplinary research units called 'Clinical Academic Groups' (CAGs). A CAG consists of a number of clinicians and researchers from the Capital Region of Denmark, regional educators as well as university teachers and researchers. Their main aim is to create the best possible framework for interdisciplinary collaborations across basic research and hospital treatments with the inclusion of regional experiences with patient contact. The experience gained from the CAG collaborations will also be used in educations to ensure that future healthcare professionals benefit from the value generated by CHSP.

“The University of Copenhagen provides the framework for internationally recognized research on diseases such as cancer, diabetes and dementia. CHSP is the realization of an old wish to generate closer collaborations between leading health directors in Copenhagen. It is exactly in the cross-field between laboratories and patients that we will see the next medical achievements,” says Dean Ulla Wewer from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen.

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