Danish University Spin-out Opens Europe’s Most Advanced Air Lab  


The Danish company, Infuser, is now opening what promises to be Europe’s, and possibly the world’s, most advanced laboratories for the analysis of air quality at the University of Copenhagen.

The Danish air quality company, Infuser, produces advanced air pollution control solutions based on a University of Copenhagen patent. The company is now opening a 400 square metres, highly advanced laboratory for the analysis of air quality.

University chemists boost development of Company

The lab will be based at the University of Copenhagen close the Department of Chemistry . CEO of Infuser, Lars Nannerup, is thrilled at the opportunity to open his laboratory in such close proximity to the atmospheric chemists at University of Copenhagen.

"The product as well as the company is still very much in the development phase, so we are deeply reliant on a continued collaboration with the university where the idea was first fostered,” says Nannerup and continues:

“We develop all our technology in collaboration with researchers at University of Copenhagen. Since setting up two and a half years ago, we have hired 25 employees. Most of our staff are trained engineers or chemists and within the next year or so we expect to hire another 10 chemistry graduates and engineers for our R&D department. Every new case, every new pollution problem, represents a new challenge and every installation needs adaptation, so it can remove the particular cocktail of gasses coming out of the individual production process”, says Lars Nannerup.

Since its inception in 2012, Infuser has provided clean and breathable air for a waste water treatment plant in Aarhus, Denmark, a crisps producer in Sweden and an animal feed producer in the Danish town of Jelling faced with the threat of closure by local environmental authorities.

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