French Producer of Cleaning Robots to Establish Scandinavian HQ in Denmark  


Hexagone, an innovative French manufacturer of cleaning robots, places its Scandinavian headquarters in Denmark to benefit from a promising market potential and excellent business conditions.

Hexagone has already started supplying products to Ry, Jutland, where their new Danish subsidiary and Scandinavian headquarters, Hexagone Scandinavia Aps, will be located. From here, the company plans to start servicing the Nordic market and selling their products; innovative cleaning robots and other equipment for swimming facilities, saunas and spa baths.

Ease of doing business

Hexagone aspires to become market leader in Europe. Hence, the Scandinavian market is vital to the company, and the opening in Denmark marks an important first step.

-“We have really been astonished by the speed and ease of setting up a business in Denmark, which emphasizes that we have chosen right when we selected Denmark for our Scandinavian headquarters. We are very grateful for all the support Invest in Denmark and the local service providers have provided - creating a friendly and efficient environment for us to set up operations,” says Yoann Chouraqui, CEO of Hexagone SAS.

In the most recent report – Doing Business 2016 from the World Bank, – which evaluates 189 economies, Denmark is referenced first in Europe. This report assesses 10 areas in the life cycle of a business, confirming that establishing a business in Denmark is easy and cost-effective. Companies can benefit from an easy plug ‘n play registration and be ready to do business within just a few hours.

Denmark – Foreign companies’ bridge to Scandinavia

Within the last six months, Invest in Denmark has assisted several foreign companies, who have chosen Denmark as their hub in Scandinavia, confirming its attractiveness as an entry gate to the lucrative Scandinavian Market.

“We are very happy to welcome Hexagone in Denmark. I hope that they will benefit greatly from the Danish robotics cluster, which offers unique opportunities for global developers of robotics solutions,” says Dorte Bech Vizard, Director of Invest in Denmark.

Hexagone will furthermore, benefit from a flexible labour market and a well-developed infrastructure, connecting the European mainland with the Nordic and Baltic region.

For more information on establishing a Scandinavian or regional headquarters, please visit this page.

For more information about Hexagone, please see visit their website.

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