GoerTek Inc. Opens European HQ and Sparks Audio Innovations in Denmark  


The Chinese consumer electronics company GoerTek has placed its first European headquarters and audio research centre in Denmark. Winning factors were the availability of talent and centrality in Europe.


In 2014, the Chinese acoustic and electronics company GoerTek Inc. acquired the majority shares of the Danish-based company Dynaudio - a significant player in the international speaker market. Following, GoerTek Inc. has acquired the Danish audio company AM3D and established its first European headquarters and audio technology research centre in Denmark.

Wold leading audio experts

GoerTek’s choice of location is based on Denmark’s long-standing tradition in audio development and local talents comprising many world leading audio experts. Hence, Danish audio technology research enjoys strong international recognition and has fostered many well-known Danish brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Brüel & Kjær and Widex.

-“When it comes to developing audio technologies, Denmark is ahead. We considered many locations for our new technology centre, weighing availability of talent, centrality in Europe, and quality of life among other merits.  We chose Denmark because of the unique entrepreneurial spirit that permeates the audio industry here,” says Andrew Bright, CEO of GoerTek Audio Technologies.

New 1600 square metres R&D centre to spark innovation and growth

Both Dynaudio and GoerTek Audio Technologies’ production and R&D facilities will be placed in Denmark. In fact, GoerTek has just invested more than DKK 200m in a new 1,600 square metres R&D centre which is to be built next to Dynaudio’s headquarters in Skanderborg.

-“Dynaudio is following the strategy we have agreed with our owners, Goertek. In 2015, we have tripled the number of employees in our research and development department and strengthened the organization on a number of key areas, which means our foundation for growth is in place”, says Lars Prisak, CEO of Dynaudio.

The long-term objective is to strengthen sales in China. To prepare grounds, GoerTek has decided to boost Dynaudio’s sales department in China and invest more money in market research.

-“We are in a phase, where we have to further develop the company to generate growth. Prior to the acquisition, we were a small company that did not have much spare cash. Now, we see lots of opportunities to swing into high gear”” adds Lars Prisak, CEO of Dynaudio.  

To spark innovation and growth even more, the GoerTek group has, as of January 1st 2016, further acquired the Danish audio company AM3D. Additionally, the group expects to hire more people over the course of 2016.

GoerTek is a public limited company with an annual turnover of DKK 15bn and more than 40,000 employees worldwide.

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