Japanese Acoustic Company Opens European Office in Denmark  


Japan-based acoustic company Rion Co.,Ltd. has opened their first overseas office in Denmark to support sales of sound and vibration equipment in Europe.

Rion Co.,Ltd. is a leading Japanese company within hearing aids, sound and vibration measurement, particle counting and medical equipment.

The initial focus of the new overseas office in Denmark will be to support the sales agents in Europe within sound and vibration equipment, but it is expected that the other business areas will also be supported from the new Danish office in the future.

Access to highly skilled employees and a strategic European location were decisive factors for Rion Co.,Ltd.’s choice of Denmark:

"We have chosen Denmark because we here have been able to find the right persons with high level skill that can support our business on the European market. We look forward to gain the benefits of the establishment to give our European clients an even more professional support in the future," says Mr. Abiko Naofumi from Rion Co.,Ltd in relation to the establishment.

A pioneer in acoustics

A long and proud tradition within design, plus an exceptional ability to translate human sensation into technical specifications, contributes to Denmark’s strong position within acoustics.

With the establishment of Rion Co.,Ltd. Denmark’s acoustics cluster, which includes companies such as GN Store Nord, Oticon, Widex, Libratone, Pascal, and the Chinese acoustic and electronics company GoerTek Inc., has gained a new important player.

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Invest in Denmark and Copenhagen Capacity has assisted Rion Co.,Ltd. during the establishment phase.

If you want to know more about how we can help your company establish in Denmark or about the Danish acoustics industry, please contact Director, Steen Hommel, via e-mail steeni@um.dk or phone +45 3392 0271.

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