Official Report: Reasons for Choosing Denmark for Life Science and Health Care Activities  


Major public and private players in the Danish life science industry have once again collaborated to give foreign researchers and companies quick and reliable information.

Start with Denmark - The Heart of Life Sciences introduces the reader to the most important information when placing research, investments and business within the areas of life sciences in Denmark. The report is developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Business and Growth, Danish Regions, the Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Lif), Medicon Valley Alliance, the industry association, Medicoindustrien, and the Danish IT Industry Association.

“For the Danish life science and health sector, knowledge-sharing and close collaboration between companies and research institutions with full government support is what drives success. For example within clinical trials, Denmark hosts more trials per capita than any other country in the world. It is easy to recruit eligible study participants, and a single point of entry facilitates the identification and contact with leading clinical centres of excellence at hospitals nationwide,” says Tine Hartmann Nielsen, Life Science Team Leader in Invest in Denmark and continues:

“The Danish way of moving from research to knowledge, innovation and products, generates sustainable and well-documented solutions, which raises industry standards worldwide. Therefore, life sciences and health has become one of the leading sectors in the Danish economy, further strengthened by being appointed top priority by the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth.”

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The report is divided into two: A brief version presenting the top ten reasons for choosing Denmark, and a more comprehensive report with information on the Danish healthcare industry, the healthcare system, the long-standing tradition for public-private partnerships and good framework conditions for research and clinical trials plus information about doing business in Denmark.

For more details, please download the full report or view highlights in the short version.

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