Singapore to Benefit from Danish Smart City Solutions  

Under the moniker Smart City World Labs, the Danish Embassy in Singapore, the Danish Industry Foundation, Gate 21, Quercus Group, and The Danish Technical University have joined forces in a consortium to meet the growing demands for Danish Smart City competencies in Singapore.

Singapore to benefit from Danish Smart City solutions 

The Danish tradition for a holistic approach and citizen involvement has amassed great interest in Singapore in connection with the city-state’s vision of becoming the world’s first Smart Nation. Hence, a Danish consortium, Smart City World Labs, has now been formed to meet this growing demand.

The project will utilize existing Danish Living Labs such as Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab/Smart Urban Services and DTU Smart Campus as a point of departure to establish a smart city living lab in Singapore. Here, solutions and products will be demonstrated while being applied by Danish and Singaporean companies.

- “The Singaporeans are fiercely determined to adapt to the future with new “smart” solutions within mobility and city planning. Here, Denmark possess some unique competencies which Singapore has begun to realize and the Living Lab-platform is the first concrete result of the dialogue which in practice paves the way for new possibilities in the entire region,” says Danish Ambassador to Singapore, Berit Basse.

Strong Danish traditions for building smart cities

Denmark has become a preferred living lab for testing and developing smart city technologies, owing to easy collaboration with academia, the public sector and industry. In fact, according to the most recent ranking mapping smart cities across the EU, Denmark is a European smart city leader.

This is due to the fact, that Danes are early adopters of new technologies and that Denmark has a long tradition of citizen involvement in urban planning and development. Hence, today around 50% of the 98 municipalities in Denmark are engaged in smart city activities, and 80% plans to increase their engagement the coming years.

The project Smart City World Labs will run over 2 years as a pilot project and then be scaled to other cities, mainly in Asia. Over 40 Danish companies, organizations, universities and counties have already declared their interest in partaking in the consortium.

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