The Best of Southern France in the Centre of Copenhagen  


In the centre of Copenhagen, boule lanes and olive trees are moving in. The new Swedish bar, Boulebar, sets out to establish a charming Southern France setting in the buzzing metropolis.

Boulebar started as a dream of conceptualising the easy-going life in Marseille, where generations gather for a game of boule, followed by dinner and drinks. Bringing this spirit all the way to the Nordics, every Boulebar restaurant is decorated with local street art on the walls, benches and tables under the pergola and a myriad of olive and citrus trees.

Occupying 1450 square metres in one of the busiest streets of Copenhagen, Boulebar offers 14 indoor boule lanes, restaurant and bar, providing the Copenhagen audience a unique French experience. This makes the perfect environment for socializing with colleagues and friends. 

The 14 boule lanes use different kinds of gravel, all imported from Norway, which provides various levels of game difficulty. These efforts have been made to imitate original Southern France boule courts. In addition, one of the lanes is a true copy of the lanes that was played on during the world championship in Senegal.

Instructors are available to help polish your technique or learn the basic skills, so no previous knowledge is needed. In fact, all instructors are existing or former members of national boule teams.

Photo: Andreas Raun Arneberg/Bitchslap Magazine

According to a local staff member, Boulebar offers something new to the buzzing everyday life of Copenhagen:

“The French culture is a lot of things, but for some reason Danes always associated it with Paris. Therefore, Boulebar is the perfect way of showing another part of France – adding a unique French feeling to the Copenhagen gastronomic and bar scene”.

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Why Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is the first international adventure for Boulebar, and was selected over cities like Oslo, Berlin and Helsinki. According to Henrik Kruse, Business Developer and Co-Owner, the choice of Copenhagen as the perfect location was easy:

“Copenhagen fits right in with the Boulebar feeling. I mean, the city is dynamic and vibrant with a cosmopolitan ease with the right atmosphere for the Boulebar concept. It immediately felt like home”.

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How can we help you?

Invest in Denmark provided Boulebar assistance in several steps of their decision-making process. From advice on market position, support during the establishment process, marketing and branding inputs to help with the application process and dialogue with local authorities.

If you want to know more about how we can help your company, please contact Special Advisor, Jesper Evensen, via  phone +45 3392 0409 or e-mail or Investment Manager, Elis Benediktsson, at +46 (0)73 560 8550 or

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