Copenhagen Airport Sets Yet Another Passenger Record  


Copenhagen Airport sets a new passenger record for a sixth consecutive year with more than 29 million people using the airport.

In 2016, Copenhagen Airport once again cemented its position as one of the best airports in Europe with passenger numbers climbing to 29 million to set a new record for the sixth year in a row. Mainly international passengers and particular growth on long-haul routes helped strengthening Copenhagen Airport’s competitive position among the major European airports.

Heavy investment paves way for further growth

Copenhagen Airport is gradually expanding and improving its facilities to handle growth in routes and passengers. In the first nine months of 2016 revenue grew by 9.8%, which was primarily driven by the 10.2% increase in departing international passengers.

This is one of the very positive effects of the development of new routes at Copenhagen Airport, which will be further enhanced in the coming years as the airport will realise its plan to grow from 29 to 40 million passengers a year. To achieve this objective, Copenhagen Airport will invest approximately DKK 20 billion in their growth plan, Expanding CPH.

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The Copenhagen Airport growth strategy is not only about strengthening the airport’s position as the leading hub of Northern Europe but also about creating a unique passenger experience.

Special Advisor in Invest in Denmark, Jesper Evensen, congratulates Copenhagen Airport on its successful growth strategy:

“Copenhagen Airport is a true gateway to Scandinavia, Europe and the Baltics together with a great asset for foreign investors and companies doing business in Denmark. Denmark already has excellent infrastructure however with Copenhagen Airport’s expansion plans it will get even more attractive to establish or expand business activities in Denmark.”

International recognition

Copenhagen Airport won a number of awards in 2016, including the world’s best at route development (World Routes 2016), Europe’s most efficient airport (Air Transport Research Society), Europe’s best baggage delivery (Skytrax) and Nothern Europe’s best airport (Skytrax).

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