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Denmark excels in the field of personalised medicine. The combination of interdisciplinary collaboration between scientists, scientific entrepreneurs and decision-makers together with having access to robust registers and statistical databases is unique in Denmark.

In Denmark, it is a tradition to think of people as unique individuals with different needs. This way of seeing people is combined with a genuine respect for and interest in others and their ways of thinking and behaving. By comparison, these two aspects of the Danish society are also the cornerstones of personalised medicine,

Personalised medicine means giving the right medicine in the right dosage to the right patient at the right time, and research involves developing methods to diagnose and stratify patient populations to allow for targeted treatment modified to the genetic and disease profile.

Data-driven public healthcare

Crucial to personalised medicine is the fact that Denmark has a well-functioning public national health insurance system and hospital services of a very high standard.

A major advantage of well integrated public health services in Denmark is that the system operates with shared, integrated journals that follow the patient throughout his/her life. This includes the existence of numerous comprehensive registers and statistical databases of extremely high quality - not least Denmark’s national personal identification number system, where all residents are registered.

Danish clinical infrastructure

Developing new personalised treatments and pharmaceuticals also means testing new drugs, perhaps in new ways.

Denmark has a long history of accurate and comprehensive medical database keeping. These databases are among the most sophisticated in the world, providing researchers with a rich source of medical and genetic information. The majority of the databases are available to researchers at little or no cost once their research project has been approved.

This is among the reasons why Denmark is the best country in Europe, and the third best country in the world, in which to conduct clinical research. Hence, Denmark has the largest clinical pipeline of drugs undergoing clinical trials in Europe, in proportion to its size, with more than 100 candidates in clinical Phase I, II and III.

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