Denmark’s Electricity Grid Leading in Europe  


The Danish electricity grid continues to be among the strongest performers in Europe when it comes to security of supply and cost level. Recent research shows that Danish consumers have access to electricity 99.99% of the time without the burden of high payments to the grid. This makes Denmark an attractive destination for energy intensive industries.

The energy companies provide electricity to the Danish consumers and industry – day and night, all year round. According to recent figures from the Council of European Energy Regulators, CEER, the Danish electricity supply accounts for a 99.99% continuity of supply.

The high security level is due, in particular, to the extensive undergrounding of low and medium voltage power lines during the last 15 years. This has made the distribution grid more robust with regards to storms for example.

Danish supply quality best in class

With so few interruptions and grid disturbances, the Danish supply quality is greater than in the countries generally compared to Denmark, which ranks second in Europe, only surpassed by Luxembourg. Seen over a period of several years, the 99.99% in security of energy supply corresponds to an average consumer being without electricity for around 40 minutes a year.

The large majority of power supply interruptions in Denmark arise in the distribution grid. There has never been a power failure due to a shortage of electricity generation capacity in Denmark, nor have Denmark’s green profile and the increasing share of renewable energy affected the level of security of supply.

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Competitive tariff levels

According to Eurostat’s annual report on ‘Energy Price Statistics’, the Danish power grid costs approximate 4.14 EUR cents per kWh, which is much below the cost in Denmark’s neighboring countries and the third lowest in Europe. This makes Danish tariff levels highly competitive.

With the outstanding energy supply at a low price, Denmark both offers an optimal uptime protection of the most critical data and represents an attractive destination for energy intensive industries.

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